Snow in October?

Oye. I will need to get used to Winter coming much earlier… :)

They are calling for snow on Sunday – although, granted, it’s supposed to be gone by morning. However, the fact that it is cold enough to elicit snow at all, in early October, is the issue. Bbbbrrrrrrr.

TR and I rode yesterday during his lunch break and I had to wear leg warmers, a long sleeved shirt and a jacket. In early October? What a wuss I am.

I’ve been counseled repeatedly that “Winter in Boulder is not THAT bad”. Hhhmmm. I suppose that depends on your frame of reference. The great thing (and different thing?) I’ve been told about Boulder Winters as opposed to other places I have lived is the sunshine and the dryness about it all. It snows, or is cold, but the sun continues to shine, year round. This is what seems to make such a difference to people. They also swear that a dry 40 degrees is much different than a wet 40 degrees — you wear a few layers and you’re fine. I’ll be an excellent source of information about this because I am VERY skeptical about the whole thing. Cold is cold.

And, even if it’s a DRY cold ….. man, I would much prefer 75 degrees on a beach with a fruity beverage.

It’s still beautiful here though. No doubt about it…

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